Who Am I!


My name is Vishal Kansagra and I am a proud citizen of India. I am a businessman by profession and a defence enthusiast by passion. Before I am became a consultant for AAC Industry, I did many interesting things. I have worked with some of the most respected IT MNCs. Later I worked as a gadget reviewer with Digit for some time. Finally I decided to be my own boss and entered alternate/renewable energy business. It proved truly green, for the world as well as my pocket. In addition to other ventures I also provide consulting services globally for manufacturing AAC blocks and related products. My latest venture is AAC blocks industry support platform. As title suggests, this platform is meant to support various aspects of AAC industry.

I couldn’t get defence and writing bug out of me, so keep writing/publishing on my blogTwitterYouTube and newspapers. Topics closest to my heart are sustainable energy, economic development and national security. I travel a lot on business and get to meet interesting people from across the globe. Besides defence, I am crazy about food. Love to try out local food wherever I go. I am also writing a spy-thriller novel. But thanks to huge interest generated about AAC in Indian market, I am still stuck with writing Chapter-4. Here’s the link to my spy-thriller novel.

In addition to other roles, I also mentor entrepreneurs to fine-tune and adapt their business plans to ground realities. I am on mentor network of Ventura’13 – an initiative by NIT Trichy.

Thank you all,

Vishal Kansagra


  1. Good work!
    welcome in the blog world
    I wish you write in gujarati too!
    www.gurjardesh.com is the start..for how to type

  2. Hello Vijay, thank you for kind words. I would definitely write in Gujarati. My plan is to first finish entire scenario and then translate it in Gujarati. I would love to offer a quality spy thriller in Gujarati.

    Thanks for the link. Will check it out.